This system suits V8 engines, of any size,  with electronic fuel injection. Supercharged and turbocharged usually at no extra cost. Many Range Rovers, BMW V8s, Jag V8s, American V8s etc successfully converted.

Conversion type 5 — Multipoint fully sequential,  V8 vehicles

Prices from £1295

Typical Conversion Prices

We firmly believe the systems we install are the best available and that our installation work is the highest quality in the trade. Even so, we ensure our prices are amongst the cheapest available with prices comparable to those of lower quality systems as fitted by others. We could buy cheaper systems and make more money, but place emphasis on quality and value for our customers instead.

We beat like for like quotes on LPG Conversions!!

The prices below are grouped in categories of vehicle type such as injection / carburettor, age, number of cylinders etc. They will be accurate in 95% of cases but are intended as a guide only, as individual vehicles can have technical issues that will adjust the price. Also, there are exceptions to the general categories listed (usually making a conversion even cheaper).  

Conversion type 4 — Multipoint fully sequential, 5 or 6 cylinders

Prices from £1195

This system suits vehicles of 5 or  6 cylinders with electronic multipoint fuel injection. It includes straight 5 cylinders, V5’s, straight 6, and V6 engines. Turbo or supercharged vehicles at no extra charge.

 This system suits the majority of vehicles on the road today.

Prices from £995

This system suits vehicles of any age with single point fuel injection, some vehicles with multipoint fuel injection, and can also be fitted to carburetor engines if we also fit a lambda sensor in the vehicles exhaust. Suits any number of cylinders.

Conversion type 2 — Single point mixer ring, closed loop

Price: £POA

This system suits electronic fuel injection engines with 9 or more cylinders, such as V10, V12, V16 etc. For vehicles with 9 cylinders or more, there is a jump in the cost of conversion as a second LPG ECU is required— two full systems less the 2nd tank.

Conversion type 6 — Multipoint fully sequential, vehicles with 9 or more cylinders

Prices from £1050

Prices from £849

This system suits vehicles with a carburetor. It is not suitable for vehicles that are fitted with a catalytic convertor. It will suit vehicles with any number of cylinders.

Conversion type 1— Single point mixer ring, open loop

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