There are several reasons to convert your vehicle to LPG:

· Running on LPG is better for the environment - Less pollutants exit the exhaust

· LPG is a better fuel for your engine - Your engine will last longer

· Running on LPG costs around half as much as running on petrol

Most customers are interested mainly in the last point!

By having your vehicle converted to enable it to run on LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) you can save up to 50% on your fuel costs, legally, with no noticeable difference in performance… whilst still retaining the full ability to run on petrol at the simple touch of a button.

There is no noticeable difference in full power.

Here’s a typical example which compares the cost of driving 200 miles in a petrol / diesel / LPG car of the same make and model. The petrol version might do 30mpg. The diesel version might do 40mpg:

Petrol and Diesel cost around £1.30 a litre. LPG costs on average 75p a litre

The petrol car might do 30mpg, the diesel equivalent 40mpg, the petrol while running on LPG 27mpg

There are around 4.55 litres in a gallon

The petrol car uses 200/30 = 6.67 gallons. 6.67 x 4.55 = 30.3 litres. 30.3 X £1.28p = £38.79 to do 200 miles

The diesel car uses 200/40 = 5 gallons. 5 x 4.55 = 22.75 litres. 22.75 X £1.32 = £30.03 to do 200 miles

The LPG car uses 200/27 = 7.41 gallons 7.41 x 4.55  = 33.7 litres. 33.7 x £75 = £25.28 to do 200 miles

The petrol / LPG car will cost less to service and engine parts will be less expensive should it break. Traditionally, diesel engines last longer than petrol, the main reason being that petrol washes away the lubricating film of oil between the cylinder bores and piston rings. Diesels need more servicing because unburned particulates get washed into the engine oil past the piston rings and contaminate the oil. LPG doesn’t wash away lubrication on the cylinder bores so the engine lasts longer, and there are far less unburned particulates than diesel or even petrol, so the oil lasts longer. You can run a vehicle on LPG for thousands of miles and the engine oil still looks new.

With unleaded and diesel prices increasing all the time due to the government increasing fuel duties, converting your vehicle to LPG increasingly makes more sense. As several of our customers have said, “Converting to LPG was a no brainer!” The government has pledged to increase duty on LPG as a road fuel by only one pence a year towards petrol duty for the foreseeable future. At this rate, will take over 50 years for LPG prices to increase to those of petrol and diesel. This is because the government sees both petrol and diesel as environmentally unfriendly (a great excuse to tax you heavily on it). There is no case for this claim with clean burning LPG, which is a much more environmentally friendly fuel, hence less duty.

There are now thousands of places where you can refuel with LPG alongside the usual petrol and diesel pumps, ranging from motorway services, petrol stations, supermarket forecourts, to dedicated (and even cheaper) gas suppliers. The number of refueling points is growing rapidly all the time. You should have no problem finding convenient places to refuel.

LPG vehicles make diesel ownership look daft! Diesels cannot be converted - LPG has similar properties to petrol, not diesel. But why run a diesel? Noisier, not as smooth, dirtier, smelly, less responsive and usually less powerful than petrol vehicles, people buy diesels for the economy offered - not realising they could save much more money (50%) and enjoy petrol performance by running the equivalent petrol model converted to LPG.

You should pay less for a petrol vehicle than a diesel, and the difference in cost between a petrol and diesel of the same vehicle model might well go a long way towards covering the cost of an LPG conversion. Parts for petrol vehicles are much cheaper than for diesels, besides being easier to obtain and cheaper to have fitted. LPG is better for your engine than other fuels because there are no partially burned particles to contaminate your oil.

Most customers save the cost of an LPG conversion in under a year in fuel bill savings alone. If you plan to sell the vehicle, the savings actually start sooner, because an LPG converted vehicle will be worth more at resale time. If you were looking to buy a vehicle, wouldn’t you pay extra for the one that would cost half as much to run, even less to run than the slow noisy diesel variant? LPG vehicles are sought after. Some of our customers are in the vehicle trade - they buy vehicles, have them converted then sell them on for a profit, on a regular basis. Converted vehicles sell much quicker and for more money. Many of our customers say - ”Converting to LPG is a real no brainer!”. We think they’re right!




Why convert your vehicle to LPG ?

Saving motorists around 50% on petrol

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