There are several reasons why we think we are the best people to convert your vehicle to LPG / Dual fuel:

We specialise only in installing, repairing and servicing vehicle LPG systems, we donít do this as a sideline away from MOT testing and general mechanical work. Most mechanics can point to petrol fuel system parts under a vehicle bonnet and tell you what they do, but often donít understand how modern computer controlled fuel injection systems work at any higher level than this. It is the computer control of the engine that they donít understand. We understand the intricacies of how petrol and LPG fuel systems actually work and how to integrate an LPG system with existing vehicle systems for the best results.

We are not particularly tied to any LPG manufacturers or systems.

We charge around the same amount for labour no matter which system we fit - With us the cost of conversion between the various systems differs only because of the difference in the price of the parts.

Because of the above, you can be sure we give totally unbiased advice, and can help you decide on the most effective and cost efficient way to convert your vehicle whilst getting the results you would expect.

We offer excellent value for money. We are extremely competitive on price.

We do a very high quality install - All our work is top notch, everything properly held in place with specially fabricated and painted brackets, all pipe work and wiring properly rooted to make everything look as close to factory fitted as possible. We have the most advanced calibration equipment for all the systems we fit including equipment for some systems that only the manufacturer is supposed to have! This is very much over and above the basic levels of calibration that most installers can achieve. Compare our workmanship, and see how our converted vehicles run on LPG, and you can tell the difference.

We offer top notch after sales service and will Ďbend over backwardsí to help if you have any concerns.

All systems have a 2 year parts and labour warranty.

After the warranty has expired we charge extremely reasonable rates for repairs.

We will still be here working on LPG vehicles when other less dedicated installers have re-directed more towards mainstream garage work or gone out of business altogether... or out of the country. This is not a garage but a large LPG installation workshop with space for about 10 vehicles. The premises is adjoined to the managerís house, which is in the town that he has lived in all his life. We donít anticipate any problems but wonít run away in the unlikely event there are any!

We offer a range of systems from different manufacturers and offer impartial unbiased advice on which system would best suit your requirements.

We have the largest choice of tank sizes available anywhere and measure each vehicle individually to ensure we fit the best possible size tank based on the vehicle ownerís requirements, unlike some installers, some of which can only choose between 7 different tanks.

We are very experienced in installing and working on vehicular LPG fuel systems and thoroughly understand what we are doing. We have the most advanced calibration equipment available for all the LPG systems we install, over and above the basic calibration equipment that most installers use. For any given LPG system and vehicle combination we can do the best possible job of setting it up properly once installed.

We are a small and specialist company, totally dedicated to LPG work, which is all we do. We keep our overheads low. Consider this - a big garage that also does LPG installation work as a sideline cannot make anything like the hourly rate for installing LPG systems that it does when doing general mechanical work unless they charge too much. The implications of this are that some of these installers are struggling and may not be around in future should you need them.

Why choose LPGC for your LPG conversion?

Saving motorists around 50% on petrol

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