What We Do:

We specialise in the conversion of vehicles to enable them to run on LPG (Autogas / dual fuel) and in the maintenance and repair of LPG powered vehicles. 

Why we do it:

An LPG conversion can be considered a one-off payment after which you pay only half price to run your vehicle! LPG is around half the price of petrol, and is easily obtainable from many of the same places you fill with petrol  (and cheaper still from places such as Flogas / Calorgas depots). Properly converted vehicles run just the same on LPG as on petrol. LPG is better for your engine, the environment and much better for your pocket!

The vast majority of petrol vehicles can be converted to LPG. All converted vehicles retain the full and unaffected ability to run on petrol at any time at the flick of a switch.








Why come to us for your conversion:

Unlike competitors we are not tied to any particular LPG system manufacturers, but we do have a working relationship with most of them and fit a wide range of systems. Because we only pass on the cost of the parts and charge a set fee for fitting, we are not trying to sell you any particular system. Instead, we can offer you real unbiased advice on which system would best suit your vehicle and / or budget.

About this website:

Welcome to our website - This is just the introduction page. We strive to ensure this site continues to be the most informative and comprehensive on the internet regarding all things LPG vehicle related. On this site you will find a wealth of information on the subject, explained both in simple terms and more advanced terms for the technically minded. We explain the different basic design types of LPG system, why each type is suited more particularly to certain vehicles than others,  and explain the differences between LPG systems from the different manufacturers - with the main advantages and disadvantages of each listed. We are very aware of the techno jargon and selling tactics that competitors resort to when trying to sell you something, on this site we will list some of the common things said and tell you if they actually make any real sense from a technical point of view.

We hope you have time to have a good look around our website, but we know that many people will not be concerned with learning a little about the various types of system or the differences between systems produced by different manufacturers and will want to get straight to the point of

‘how much to convert my vehicle’.

That’s fine! Please don’t hesitate to contact Simon anytime on Mobile 07816 237240,

Or Email cheapmotoring@yahoo.co.uk